We never thought we would manage to gather the opinions of over 500 footballers. We had our doubts at first – about how to phrase the questions for example – because we didn’t want to be overly nosy. However, at the same time we wanted you to tell us the reasons why you play football, what your relationship with the sport is, how you perceive the football environment and whether you’ve ever thought of throwing in the towel. We knew that it was a long questionnaire (these days, 15 minutes can seem like an eternity), and you’ve told us as much, but you’ve also told us that you found it interesting. That’s why think we made the right decisions – you’ve provided us with information that is highly valuable for the evolution of Women’s Football and the improvement of the conditions in which women practise the sport. Once more, you’ve risen to the occasion.

564 of you took part in the first Survey of Female Football Players. We can now safely say, after searching intensively just in case another one existed, which it doesn’t, that never before have the opinions of so many female players been gathered in Spain.

At last, the results are in. It’s a first glance at the most significant data. Very soon we will be able to offer a complete and in-depth analysis.

We are well aware that without all of you this would not have been possible. And so, once again, THANK YOU! We hope to be able to count again on everyone who participated as well as many more, as we intend to carry on studying the field of Women’s Football.

We want to listen to everything that the women who form a part of this sport have to say.

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