Game Rules

1. DETACÓNLAB is a laboratory of ideas revolving around women and their relationship with football: footballers’ mothers, football fans and players; even those women who hate it :D

2. It is open to big boys and girls who want to share the playing field, shout at us from the sidelines o simply give us a hug after a goal.

3. In DETACÓNLAB we believe that football is more than just football; it is a way of life.

4. And that football is neither masculine nor feminine, nor one of many other diverse labels; each one of its characteristics is unique and special ;)

5. In DETACÓNLAB we’ve gathered together a group of professionals who like football and telling stories. Some of us like one thing more than the other, and vice versa.

6. We’re bored of feeling victimised. We’ll be serious when necessary, we’ll laugh when we feel like it and we’ll use dark humour to avoid crying. If you don’t understand that, kick a ball until it tires you out.

7. We believe in football as a language. We will experiment with various narrative formats and tools to best transmit what we want to say. The projects will mix culture, information, training and business, without forgetting the most important of all: emotions.

8. DETACÓNLAB does not form a part of any media group. This is evident. It will be another fifty years before women who know what they’re talking about tell their stories about football, but that’s what the internet is for.

9. This is not about ladies’ football, even if we end up talking about football and lasses who one day lace up their football boots along with other heels.

10. We have been working over a year on this because we feel like it. We like Football Sundays and a pint after the match as much as developing our own projects outside the field of football.

11. But above all, in DETACÓNLAB, we want you to try being a footballer if you want to; make the most of football if you like it; tell us if you hate it; and if you talk about football, do so with passion.